“Guilty feelings about clothes are totally unnecessary. A lot of people earn their living by making clothes, so you should never feel bad.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

While you should never feel bad about looking good, there’s a way to be fashion forward without breaking the bank. I got this sweet testimonial this week and wanted to share it, along with a great affordable W look.

“Previously unfamiliar with the W label, a good friend of mine told me that although some of the pieces may be more than what I budget for clothes, they were the pieces that she pulled from her closet most often. I have now become a loyal W shopper. I too pull the W pieces from my closet the most often and I get numerous compliments on them. The pieces fit great, are well-made and coordinate well with each other. In addition, Donna is fantastic to shop with. She is honest in her opinion as to what is flattering on your body type. She also picks up quickly as to what your style is and what pieces would look good. I also love that I can shop in her beautiful home and not have to schlep myself to the dreaded mall.” -Andrea

On Trend, Affordable

behind every successful woman… is a basket of dirty laundry. – Sally Forth

W luggage leather and heather greyProcrastinating doing the laundry for one more day, I   scrolled through my 100+ emails reading blog updates, perusing online shopping catalogs and scouring departments store sites. I saw these gorgeous boots and had to create this closet right away. This luggage leather top has been on my ‘to buy’ list ever since the W by Worth fall line launched a few weeks ago. I have been constantly thinking about how many ways I could wear it. (One of my fashion-forward friends purchased it the first week and I can’t wait to see what she does with it!) I have always loved combining brown and grey, so this is the LOOK for me. I can’t wait to recreate this outfit in my own closet this fall with my dark skinny jeans, super soft grey turtleneck and this Stella & Dot jewelry. The dirty laundry will definitely have to wait. Looks like I am heading out for some new boots.