“It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.” -Paul Graham

Where do you do most of your thinking? While you’re driving, before bed, in the middle of night, or in the shower? The shower is for me the start of a clean body, clean mind and clean slate for the day. This is where I think about what I’m going to do that day. How am I going to be a better mother/wife? How am I going to be a better friend? How can I improve my Closet Hound business? How am I going to best use my time to balance both my family and work? How can I improve all that I do.

I absolutely love fashion, luxury, organization, and opportunity. I love my closet clean out, personal styling business. I love being able to sell beautiful W by Worth clothes to my clients and I love seeing them excited about all that we’ve done to improve the way they look and feel. I recently came across an opportunity to add another lifestyle brand to my business that will hugely compliment my styling business. Have you heard of India Hicks? Here is her bio in her own words.

” The Prince of Wales is my Godfather. A wonderful one. But as a tomboy it was hard to forgive being asked to wear that frilly dress as a bridesmaid at his wedding to Lady Diana.
Following school I backpacked around the world for a year. I returned to London, took a foundation course in art, before moving to Boston, to take a degree in photography, graduating unexpectedly with honors.
A fashion magazine featured me in an issue of ‘New Beauties’, which Ralph Lauren saw and subsequently booked me for my first modeling job. A career on the other side of the camera was born.
I now live on a small island in the Bahamas, with David Flint Wood and our five children: Felix, Amory, Conrad, Domino and Wesley, our fostered Bahamian son. We have built and restored four houses and a hotel on the island.
I am a passionate horse rider. I also scuba dive, bungee jump, parachute and hang glide, snow ski, water ski and wakeboard. I have climbed into the Grand Canyon, run three marathons and have completed four 100-mile bike rides in aid of charity.
I have published two books ‘Island Life’ and ‘Island Beauty’ and have a third ‘Island Style’ due for launch in the spring of 2015. Part of the proceeds from these books has been donated to a small non-profit community school in The Bahamas.
After a successful career designing collections of bath and beauty products, bedding and jewelry in partnership with others the time for change has arrived…” poster_8x10_a_ea6941f7-1ae7-4646-9407-14bb4abde277_large

India Hicks’ change has arrived! She has launched a company that gives women who want to work with luxury items and connect with their clients and friends socially. Beautiful handbags, scarves (my weakness), love token jewelry, beauty products, and so much more to come! This company started in April and I signed on to work with them last week. It was such an easy decision. I adore the products. The most exciting part of adding India Hicks to The Closet Hound brand is it’s new and fresh. My friends are swooning over the bags. In addition to all of this, I am hoping to have a few fashion forward friends join my team! This is such a great opportunity! Work your own hours with an exquisite brand.

If you are interested, please visit my India Hicks site.

Think about it (in the shower or wherever)! Ground floor opportunity. Beautiful products. Now while I’m thinking about my day and opportunities in the shower, I am doing it with fabulous India Hicks English Rose body wash and thinking about how I can share it with you.

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