The Closet Hound presents India Hicks

I am thrilled to share that I have added India Hicks along side my W by Worth products to my Closet Hound business. A beautiful, elegant line of scarves, handbags, jewelry and giftable items such as wonderful smelling perfume, body wash, lotion, candles, etc. There is an amazing bag called the Duchess of Windsor that all of you working women must have. Classy, elegant with lots of pockets (even a laptop pocket). And I am drooling over the The Mayfair bag (think LV neverfull without the 4 digit price tag) and a wonderful sturdy beachbag. Did I mention scarves? I don’t have to, you all know how I feel about them. Want to check it all out? Click here to check out all of the luxury and elegance you can stand. Great graduation gifts here too!!


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