Yoga or Bust(ed)

Oh, how I would love to have a oversized single user closet (no sharing with husband) with a large scale window, a pink chandelier, a three way mirror, a wall just for shoes, a chaise lounge where I could sit and stare at all my… pants and tee shirts.

Wait a minute? Did I just say yoga pants and tee shirts?

As a closet organizer and style consultant, I am walking into a lot of closets filled with just that. No, not the single user, large scale window, pink chandelier, chaise lounge and three way mirror, etc. (if only) The yoga pant!

No matter the reason people choose to wear yoga pants, there is only one reason to truly wear them… to do yoga.

Looking pulled together (I’m not talking Leave it to Beaver pearls with the fit and a flare dress) means feeling good, feeling good means being happy and with happiness we are at our best! We are at our best for our job, husband, children, friends, etc.

The most common word I hear from women as we organize and purge their closet is maybe. Maybe I’ll go back to work one day. Maybe I’ll get back in pre-baby shape. Maybe that will come back in style. Maybe I will have an occasion to wear that again. And on and on. Life is too short for maybe, especially when it relates to how you look and feel. My answers to the these “maybes’ are simple.

It’s been more than two years since you’ve been in the workforce. Not only has style changed, but generally work attire has too. Your last baby was born over 2 years ago and your pushing 40 (not everyone, but we all will soon enough). Your body is different! Even if it comes back in style, it will be ever so slightly and noticeably different to you, that you’ll still want the latest. If the occasion hasn’t risen in the past few years, it’s probably not going to happen. So it’s time to clean it out.

My closet clean out is a four step process. 1. Pull out all of the maybes and scale down your closet to what you only wear and love. 2. Replace all the hangers with “huggable” hangers and purchase organizational items (i.e. shoe boxes, shelving, sweater bags, etc.) and organize the closet by season, color and style. 3. Take everything that you no longer wear to thrift shops, resale shops, consignment and charities 4. Re-stock your closet with the basic must-haves.

At this point, hopefully you’re going to have a pretty bare closet full of essentials. Those essentials will vary based on your lifestyle, but I’ll start with the basics for the stay at home mom this summer. 1. Multiple good tee shirts in three different colors (white, grey, and black) 2. Five pair of jeans (white, boyfriend, dark blue, light blue and one colored pair. 3. A good fitting pair of khaki, olive and black pants/shorts/skirts. 4. A few fun tunics or bright tops. 5. A couple of jackets/cardigans. 6. A fun shirtdress or two. 7. Fun neutral wedges, espadrilles or fashion sneakers.

Once you have accomplished this, the fun begins! Accessorizing! This is the easiest way to bring in trends without spending a lot of money. (invest in your essentials, not something that will be gone tomorrow). My favorite accessory is the scarf, the perfect way to add a pop of color to any clothes combination. (Click here for a tutorial of how to wear a scarf Other ways to spice up you basics is jewelry, shoes and bags. To see how I show how to dramatically change your basics click here The best part about accessories is they are a reflection of you! They reflect your favorite color, your favorite style and your favorite jewelry and they are one size fits all! No trying on in a dressing room. (Oh, what a relief )

If you are really into fashion and want to add some trends, here are the highlights of 2015 Spring/Summer. Python Print, Florals, Boho Chic, Birkenstocks/Sports Sandals, Coral color, Fringe, Asymmetrical hems and Cuff Bracelets.

And if this still seems overwhelming to you, contact me at to set up a personal consultation, or have me personally style you for free at I can’t promise an oversized single user closet with a large scale window, a pink chandelier, a three way mirror, a wall just for shoes and a chaise lounge, but I can help you look and feel good (or find you a good yoga class.)

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