behind every successful woman… is a basket of dirty laundry. – Sally Forth

W luggage leather and heather greyProcrastinating doing the laundry for one more day, I   scrolled through my 100+ emails reading blog updates, perusing online shopping catalogs and scouring departments store sites. I saw these gorgeous boots and had to create this closet right away. This luggage leather top has been on my ‘to buy’ list ever since the W by Worth fall line launched a few weeks ago. I have been constantly thinking about how many ways I could wear it. (One of my fashion-forward friends purchased it the first week and I can’t wait to see what she does with it!) I have always loved combining brown and grey, so this is the LOOK for me. I can’t wait to recreate this outfit in my own closet this fall with my dark skinny jeans, super soft grey turtleneck and this Stella & Dot jewelry. The dirty laundry will definitely have to wait. Looks like I am heading out for some new boots.

One thought on “behind every successful woman… is a basket of dirty laundry. – Sally Forth

  1. I love this quote! It’s so true. In fact, I’m avoiding a basket full of laundry by reading your blog right now 🙂

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